Salsa Warriors March Madness Salsa Party 2015


Salsa Warriors_March2015_dance

Salsa Warriors March Madness Salsa Party

Go deep, go to the roots, discover what is all about. Salsa Warriors say it all. Together, in unity, in their collective understanding was what Salsa music is all about will once again put on display the BEST Salsa music in the Planet.
New York has always b...

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Papo Lucca y La Sonora Ponceña en el crucero de Latino 99.7 fm


Enamorate, Baila y Celebra

Sonora Poncena - LATINO 99.7

Enamorate, Baila y Celebra

The main ingredient for a successful party is The Music. And who else  provides better music than Papo Lucca y La Sonora Ponceña from Puerto Rico..

This Valentin’s Day, celebrate it on the exclusive cruise hosted by Latino 99.7 fm

Along wit...

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