2015 Latin Legends back home


2015 Latin Legends back home
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2015 Latin Legends back home

Keep the accolades, and praises coming…
The Latin Legends are back home from a January 2015 engagement at the Tokyo Blue Note. Japan loves SALSA music, as proven by the full house of attendees and attention given to the event

Samurais were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido (“the way of the warrior”). Strongly Confucian in nature, bushido stressed concepts such as loyalty to one’s master, self discipline and respectful, ethical behavior. Many samurai were also drawn to the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism.

The Latin Legends, musicians, top in their field, were in Japan playing our music, representing our culture, teaching a whole different ethnic group the ways of Salsa, a life style. Musicians, just like the Japanese Samurais, dedicated to their art, in skill, concepts, and musical execution of their chosen musical instrument, including the knowledge of our cultural history that goes along with it.

This POSTER, a representation and reminder of the dedication and perseverance,a musician (like a Samurai warrior) will endure for their art. Bringing it to different parts of the land in the pursuit of conquering, teaching and spreading the word of Salsa. Our music,our life style… Que VIVA La Salsa

In the picture from left to right:
Emo Luciano,
Wilson Chembo Corniel,
Lewis Kahn,
Bobby Sanabria,
Mitch Frohman,
Luisito Rosario,
Peter Nater,
Piano Judio,
Maria Del Carmen Kahn,
Mac Gollehon,
Orestes Vilato,
Jorge Santana,
Louie Bauzo and Pete Nater Music in Tokyo, Japan.

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