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DJ Willie Matos on Salsa-101

KOJAK & DJWillie Matos

DJ Willie Matos aka Kojak

Telly Savalas played Kojak a detective on a TV series titled  ‘Kojak” from 1973 to 1978. Kojak’s catch phrase on the show was, “Who loves ya, baby?

I know who loves DJ Willie Matos, his adoring followers, who have NOTHING but praise and adoration for the joy he brings with him every time he gets behind the turntable.

In order to reach any level of competence as a DJ the individual foremost must know his genre of music, in and out. He should also have the capability to know which numbers to play and most importantly which numbers NOT to play. This goes under the heading of knowing audience and “working them”. This format will get you over ok..

Now, there are DJs who have learned the ABC’s of DJing (including mixing, making sure the bpm are correct. etc) and or not satisfied with it. They take it to a different level. Such is the case with DJ Willie Matos, which I would like to introduce you to.

People normally attend dance Club, for many various reasons, i.e.: like the crowd, like the atmosphere, the drink are reasonably priced etc. etc.

Rare is the case ( there ARE a few, that I know of ) when a DJ says “I will be working in such and such place, that the people ‘FLOW’ and gather, to be part of the party that this DJ is working at.

So it goes with DJ Willie Matos, Spring Hills Florida. An ex-New York City Detective, comes to do what he has always done, Serve the People , but from a different platform. I have seen and witness personally the way DJ WIllie works the crowd. He’ll work the dancers ( which are usually New Yorkers ) by playing THEIR music. He’ll dance with them, becomes part of THEIR event, all in making sure , that at the end of the night they ALL go home satisfied.

DJ Willie has a FOLLOWING (groupie) , that goes wherever DJ Willie goes. And if they’re in a partying mood and don’t know where to go, they LOOK UP Willie !!

Besides the work that DJ Willie does, he is also an unselfish, caring individual, always looking out to give a helping hand whenever needed. He wouldn’t have such a following just because he SPINS music ! He puts other in front of him with the soul purpose of helping…

With the Holiday Season upon us, try  something.. Checkout DJ Willie Matos to see where he’s playing at, and invite your WHOLE family !! Call it a Holiday Family reunion, you won;t have to clean up after the party and DJ Willie will kae SURE they have a GRAND old SALSA Night… And tell him Ramon from sent you… @ ( que todavia me debe un palito …)  Merry Christmas

More Info:

DJ WIllie available for all your functions …

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