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Larry Harlow and the Latin Legends Band in Tokyo JAPAN – 1-13-16, 2015


Latin music, alive and well in all parts of the world. .

Larry_Harlow_TOKYO_BGo BIG, show them what it’s all about. That’s exactly what Larry Harlow will be doing on Jan 13-16 2015.
Larry Harlow will be starting off the year, at the famed Blue Note Club in TOKYO Japan. He’s going BIG because he’s taking along with him a line up of ‘Who’s Who’ musicians from mainstream Latin music’s Hard Hitters.


The Latin Legends Band originally formed with the intent of  educating both Latino and American youth about Latin music heritage and pioneering new ideas in the music. The concept, idea, and intent still continues to all parts of the world. The Latin Legends Band, Ambassadors of of our music, uniting everyone under the umbrella of Salsa Music


Here is the Line-up

Jorge Santana and Orestes Vil...

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Ray Bayona – Pre Thanksgiving Day Dance – 2014


Ray Bayona – Pre Thanksgiving Day Dance – 2014 (11.26.14)

El CARTERO-Thanksgiving-2

The 2014 Holiday Season is just about upon us, almost. Soon the preparations will get on the way, and you’ll lose yourself with all the chores, the hustle and bustle of shopping, attending to guests and visitors. But, before all of that gets to you there are treats in store for you. A Pre-Thanksgiving Dance has already been scheduled, just for you, over at LORRAINE’s, Bronx NewYork.

On Wednesday Nov 26th. LORRAINE”s will be featuring, none other than RAY BAYONA. along with Ray will  Johnny MAMBO and friends  backing him up.

Treat yourself to a night of Salsa Dancing with one of the top Salsa singer on the NYC Salsa scene.

This event production comes to you via ‘El Cartero del Pueblo’ (The town’s Mail man)...

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The Day Salsa Died and was ReBorn Again..


The Day Salsa Died and was ReBorn Again..


Today , the 17th day of April in the year 2014, Cheo Feliciano tragically died from a horrible car accident. According to reports from San Juan Puerto Rico he died on his way home at 4:13 am..

I won’t say a Legend in the Music Industry, or a great artist has passed on, not even a Musician, I will simply say, a loving family member has passed on. This is how Cheo, ALWAYS referred, to his friends and fans, FAMILIA !

Ever since his debut in 1957with Joe Cuba, Cheo has been a favorite of Salsa music lovers. A pioneer in latin music from the very beginning. Sadly, his problems with drug practically put an end to his singing career.

Thanks to his close friend Tite Curet Alonso, he overcame his addiction problem...

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Frankie Morales & Adalberto Santiago in ZONA Rosa

frankie morales

Adalberto Santiago con Frankie Morales en ZONA Rosa

Two HeavyWeights when it comes to heavy Salsa Music.. Tito Puente’s last lead singer Mr Mambo himself Frankie Morales has been fronting BIG bands and also his own group with dynamic “Pa’l Bailador” style music. Frankie brings it all when it comes to Salsa Music. This is one of those few singers that rocks the house with any style of Salsa Music.

Along with Frankie will be none other than Adalberto Santiago, one of Ray Barretto’s original singer and a Fania Music alumni. Adalberto’s has been the forefront of an innumerable number of Salsa hits from the 70s and 80s. If you know your Salsa, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, get ready for a show that’s sure to cure your Salsa Dancing craze…

frankie morales

This will be a show in artistry via Sa...

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ANDY MONTAñEZ @ Hilton GARDEN Inn NY- April 19th, 2014

doco entertainment

Montañez is a native of the Tras Talleres area of Santurce, San Juan. He is known by the nicknames “El Godfather de la Salsa” and “El Niño De Trastalleres”.

andy montanez

DOCO Entertainment brings to you one of Salsa Music’s Icon, Andy Montanez. This veteran singer, since his beginnings with El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, has been dazzlings dancers with his lyrics and his voice. Much sought after and rare to see in person is Andy Montanez, traveling the world over wherever Salsa Music is heard…

Andy has a string of HITs to numerous to mentioned, but he never fails to disappoint when he starts starts singing them…

This is one of those show you do not want to miss… simply because of the music and Andy Montanez himself…. impossible to duplicate

Hilton GARDEN In...

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Club Cañabrava presents LALO RODRIGUEZ April 26, 2014

lalo rodriguez

LALO RODRIGUEZ at Club Cañabrava!


Club Cañabrava!
Para nosotros es un inmenso placer darte la Bienvenida al mejor sitio de Rumba en la Ciudad de Orlando, Club Cañabrava.
Tenemos el orgullo de contar con personal altamente calificado y comprometido quienes trabajaran arduamente para satisfacer tus necesidades, desde la entrada sentirás que nuestro ambiente de rumba es diferente y el mejor; lo cual hará que siempre quieras regresar.


En nombre mío y de nuestro equipo te invitamos a disfrutar de la experiencia Club Cañabrava.


His love for music began when he was nine years old singing in the traditional festivities of Puerto Rico , and on radio and television ...

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BAHHARI’s 2014 Unity Dance Festival


The Unity of Dance Festival 2014


UNITY-The state of being one; oneness.
Oneness of Dance, oneness of Fun, oneness in the sharing of the synergy provided by the people who attend The Unity Dance Festivals. No single part is greater than the whole experience. This is the reason the Unity Dance Festival is back for the fourth year in a row. Be part of the experience, and the energy, be united in the fun, dance, and unity of beautiful people, be part of The Unity Dance Festival….

Park Inn by Raddison 3011 Maingate Ln Kissimmee FL 34747
Now in its fourth year, The Unity of Dance Festival 2014 groups Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Ballroom, Hip-Hop, and other dance forms into a mélange of movement throughout dozens of workshops...

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Salsa Seminar featuring ALBERT TORRES at ISTANBUL INT.


Salsa Seminar featuring ALBERT TORRES at ISTANBUL INT.

Albert Torres continues his global quest in bringing Salsa Music Dancing to ALL corners of the World ! Proving and demonstrating in all venues, that Salsa music is a ‘LifeStyle’, not a dance craze, cuban craze, or something just in vogue. Once you hear it, dance it, it will be part of you, just like Albert Torres is part of Salsa Music !

The History of Salsa Seminar featuring ALBERT TORRES at ISTANBUL INT. DANCE FEST.
.the roots of our salsa music today

Having established a strong presence for producing and promoting International Latin Entertainment events and concerts, Albert has garnered an esteemed reputation...

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La Madre de Charanga Cubana (The Mother of The Cuban charanga) one of the most popular and requested groups from Cuba,

They’ve been around forever, their sound, GREAT as always !
Syncopating violins, mixed with flute riffs and a solid rhythm section, that is La ARAGON for me.
Orquesta Aragón was formed on 30 September 1939, by Orestes Aragón Cantero in Cienfuegos, Cuba..
La Aragon is like a time machine, every time you listen to them you get transported to the yesterdays of carribbean music, taste of rum, smell of sweet cigars. Music gently heard across the waters, under a star filled night on the Malecón.
You get to relive this thanks to Albert Torres Production from California on April 19, 2014.

Super DJ obby

Albert Torres Production orgullosamente prese...

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Albert Torres & The 16th LA Salsa Festival on Salsa-101

Whenever Albert Torres puts together an event, DANCERs listen and check it out. In preparation for writing this POST, the one word I found myself repeating was, DAMN !
Reason, WHAT A LINE-UP ! of entertainment. If the three major TV networks would get their act together in how to better serve the latino community, this would be what they show.

It NOT just the music, it’s NOT just the artists, it’s what Albert Torres has creatively put together.

There’s a multitude of Salsa Congresses / Salsa Festivals world wide, same as salsa music dance clubs.
I always try to find the ‘WOW’ factor in items, service and or presentations.
I’ll talk more about that some other time.

For now The 16th Annual International Los Angeles Salsa Congress should be looked at, analyzed and saviour for wha...

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