Felix Rojas on Salsa-101

Felix Rojas

Felix Rojas on Salsa-101

Felix Rojas

Felix Rojas

On Father’s Day week I came across a post on FaceBook about a play titled “El Conde Y La Condesa”. A story about La Nena de Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez. Cita Rodriguez.

“El Conde Y La Condesa” is A one woman play featuring Cita Rodriguez, with a music band on stage. She talks about her upbringing, her relationship with her father, famed departed FANIA singer Pete Rodriguez, and then there’s the music.
This is storytelling in it purest form, something truly lacking today.

Even though storytelling has been around since the beginning of time, it takes back seat to today’s more flashier ways of communications cold and lifeless smartphones, tablets, computers, Televisions. Unlike ”El Conde Y La Condesa” play, where you get a first hand experience from the person that lived it and still living it, Cita Rodriguez.

The person behind the play is Felix Rojas. Felix well known for his play ‘Growing Up Gonzalez’( soon to be a book), has another winner in his hands.
Felix Rojas is a product of the BRONX New York.who got pulled into the theatrical world by his two older brothers. Only to get discouraged and stopped writing.

Two decades pass by, until his son discovers that his father was a writer at one time. He follows it up by presenting his father with a screenwriter’s program on his computer, bringing back to life the writer in Felix Rojas.

The artistic creations of Felix Rojas stand on their on rights, but it’s not until you seek and look into its creations do you come to learn about the artist Felix Rojas.

An artist is not an artist until you acknowledge the artist…

Salsa-101 would like to acknowledge Felix Rojas, for his contributions to the arts, yesterday, today and tomorrow..

PS.. SPECIAL thanks to Felix Rojas’s son, for given all of us a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

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Felix Rojas

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