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Louie Cruz

It’s ALL up to you.. Show the LOVE, spread the word, Louie Cruz

Don’t let someone else do for you what you’re capable of doing..

Louie Cruz died, there were a few RIPs, lets move on…..

For those Salsa Music lovers who have been around awhile,  remember what it was to ‘Cut’ those dancing shoes on the dance floors of The Corso, Che Sensual, Casa Blanca, Casino 14, St. George Hotel ….. ?

Pretty sure you were putting on display, your latest learned moves, turns, and shakes, in order to get the attention of that impressive looking one across the dance floor…

He was your silent ‘Wing Man’ giving you the impulse, and inspiration for you to put together those awesome turns, stops, and turnarounds you were displaying with your dance partners on the dance floor.
Helping you along and giving you inspiration with his Vamps, Breaks, TurnArounds, and Montunos with his piano playing was Mr. Louie Cruz…

On FaceBook there were a few mentions of Luis/Louie Cruz’s passing, but not much… On the INTERNET nothing..

So here is a question:

HOW can we let go, someone that has left us, without expressing our THANKS/Gratitude for ALL of the wonderful, Glorious moments we have had , and still are, experiencing via the music that Louie Cruz has given us through the years ??

The Promoting of events/dances/concerts is one of, who trending, what’s hot, what can sell, who’s next….

Current Happening is of, what’s the latest, what’s in fashion, what can make us look cool….

Now Memories, that’s something that promoters, advertisers, and sales people, cannot really make money from..

There might be an “In Honor of ……. “ event/dance/movie produced , but that’s a one time, fast to forget thing….

So, If you know anything about Salsa Music, you already know who Luis/Louie Cruz was.

A high caliber arranger, piano player, and overall great musician. One that has touched us in many ways with his music..True he did not do it on his own, always as a member of the Ray Barretto group and others groups.

But still, his playing, his arrangements..

So in honor of Luis/Louie Cruz, I will not wait for someone else to ‘Trumpet’ his accomplishments, or his music.

I’m putting this POST on my site, and as long as I’m able to , I will keep it alive….

Letting everyone know who Luis/Louie Cruz was and still is..

y por eso y como de costumbre ‘Gracias Por La Musica

Louie Cruz & Pete Nater

Louie Cruz & Pete Nater

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