Martin Cohen – On Salsa-101

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Martin Cohen – On Salsa-101
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ATTITUDE: a position of the body proper to or implying an action or mental state.

A dancer walking on to the dance floor, a musician stepping  up to the stage, a new recruite walking into the interviewer’s office… they all have one thing in common, the one thing that will get them to achieve that desire goal… Attitude… Not arrogance, attitude that ,this is mine, I own it !


Martin Cohen

That is what this post shares with you Salsa music with Attitude.. The lineup is below, the video, courtesy of Mr. Martin Cohen, one of the supporting beams of our beloved Salsa Music from New York…

Arranged by: Papo Lucca
Composed by: Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe

Piano / Leader: Gilberto “Pulpo” Colon
Lead Vocal: Cesar “El Sonerito De Huacho” Vega
Vocal / Guiro: Danny Mendez
Vocal: Cesar Zarate
Bongo: Erik Piza
Timbal: Marvin Valenzuela
Congas: Roberto “Chino” Bolaños
Bass: Ruben Rodriguez
Trombone: Joe De Jesus
Trombone: José Davila
Trombone: Hommy Ramos
Trombone: Toninho Boza Rivera

More info:
Martin Cohen
Martin Cohen on YouTube


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