2015 New England Salsa Music Awards

Herb Smith- LuvBug Productions

2015 New England Salsa Music Awards
Salsa Music Awards - salsa-101

If you’re from BOSTON, Mass, and are into Salsa music and dancing, you already know about Herb Smith and his LuvBug Productions . His creative input is what makes all of his Salsa music and Modeling Events so outstanding.

Herb Smith’s upcoming New England Salsa Music Awards is the event that’s on everyone’s Salsa Radar. Herb’s prior events are surely indicative of what this event could very well turn out to be. A yearly Salsa Music Awards Event,, that we can all be proud of and look forward to, for years to come… KUDOs to Herb Smith and his LuvBug Productions ! Salsa-101

Announcement: The New England Salsa Music Awards will nominate and award the very best musicians and industry professionals in New England for their contributions to the unique sounds of Salsa. The nominees and eventual winners will be selected through an objective and professional process by a committee made up of Latin music industry professionals. Nominations will be announced on Friday, May 29th, 2015.

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