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Orquesta Broadway @ Mon Ami 2/15/2014


Mon Ami will be featuring Orq. Broadway on Feb 15, 2014. Eddy Zervigon’s Oqg. Broadway has not played at Mon Ami in 30 years.. Well over due for Mon Ami and the dancers that frequent visit the Bronx’s Night Club. Orq.Broadway is like fine wine… it just keeps getting better. Some people need an excuse to go out dancing.. well guess what, with Orq. BROADWAY at Mon Ami , no need for excuse… you just gotta go !

**UPDATE** Special Invited guest, Pupi Legarreta.


Mon Ami:
Salsa and Latin Music Club for people who likes to dance latin..A place for mature people 25 and over.We also cater to veterans of the armed forces..If you are a latin music lover and dancer this is the place to be.



Night Club
2434 East Tremont ave., Bronx, New York 10461
1917-748-4819 and 718-822-8077
Closed until Friday 9:00 pm – 4:00 am

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