Papote Jimenez y Los Hacheros on Salsa-101

Los Hacheros

papote Jimenez     The ‘WOW’ factor, that all illusive state of accomplishment many try to achieve but few ever do. A state of being, mostly reserved for those unique enough to break constant barriers, put in place to test and push you.
Creativity, something we possess, many times go by the wayside, unnoticed, until something ‘Out of The Ordinary’ takes place..

One that stood out for me recently is Hector “Papote” Jimenez and his group Los Hacheros. Papote a Salsa singer on the New York Salsa scene, sounds like an Old Soul Sonero from another lifetime.

For me his ‘WOW’ factor is what he’s been doing with his God given talents. He’s not following that old pattern of “build it and they will come” attitude..
Along with his group ‘Los Hacheros’ he’s actually bringing it to the people, and, to top that off… he’s not limiting himself just to the the salsa music loving audience.. He’s laying it down, smack in the middle of New York City’s Chinatown…

his music Then, he’s doesn’t forgets Salsa Music’s future, he brings it to the children. Children of all nationalities, shares with them interacting with them. He plays for them, he records it, and lets the world know about it…

That is the ‘WOW’ factor, period !

Was I the only one that noticed this ??

Next time someone asks, what can we do to “Help Keep Salsa Music alive” … answer back, have you seen Papote Jimenez y Los Hacheros ??

More Info:

Excerpt from Los Hacheros’s WebSite:

A band of only 5 musicians, Los Hacheros manage to sound like a conjunto of 12. Eddie Venegas (Marc Anthony, Orquestra Broadway) plays trombone, violin and sings chorus, Itai Kriss (Edmar Castaneda, Grupo Latin Vibe) sings, plays flute, campana, and guiro, while Jimenez is in charge of lead vocals and congas. William Ash (Alfredo de la Fe, Brenda K Starr) holds down the tumbaos on baby bass while Plasse plays the tres, a guitar-like instrument originating from the Oriente Province in Cuba. Utilizing this unique instrumentation, Los Hacheros draw on son, charanga and salsa to create a sound distinctly their own.

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