SalsaFestival – Switzerland (February 2013)

SalsaFestival – Switzerland
A concert of absolute world class, we must on 12 Salsa Festival Switzerland present. José Alberto accompanied by the best European Latin band “MERCADO NEGRO”!

Jose Alberto, who is due to his singing talent also known as “El Canario”, was born in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in Puerto Rico, where he studied at the “Las Antillas Military Academy” music. He later moved to New York. There he is, thanks to his wonderful gift as a singer and performer quickly (improvising singer who is able to spontaneously and anytime add new texts) of Sonero Auténtico.

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During his career, José Alberto has worked with the most influential artists. The debut was in 1976 with the album “Curious?” by Tito Rodriguez. Between 1978 and the beginning of 80s, he sings in the group Tipica 73 and realized 3 albums. “Tipica 73: intercambio culture” (1979) is a classic, and records the first collaboration between the residents of New York Latin artists and the Cuban colleagues. Among these, Tata Guines, Feliz Chappotin and Nino Rivera. In 1983 José founded his own band, with whom he recorded three albums for the Sono Max. In 1987 he takes his songs from the new label RMM by Ralph Marcado. “Sueño contigo” and “Mis amores” (1989) gains José international success.

In the 90s El Canario five new albums were released in collaboration with Sergio Vargas (“Dance with me, 1991) and Celia Cruz (in a duet in” on time “, 1994), with whom he often sings live. During the last album (” Tributo a Machito “, 1997) can still be found Tito Puente, Dave Valentin forget Not among his well-known songs:”.. Quiero Salsa “,” Desculpame Señora “,” Clavado en un bar “El Canario Wherever he performs, it’s, spectacular . Whether in New York with his famous orchestra or in Europe, where he’s accompanied the orchestra Mercadonegro and with whom he worked in the record production. An example is the beautiful piece “Comenzò la Rumba” with one of the Mercado Negro band singer Rodry Go !

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