The Ultimate Violinist, Ali Bello


The Ultimate Violinist, Ali Bello
Violinist, Composer, Arranger
Ali Bello

From New York’s Tipica 73, to modern fusion bands like Alfredo Naranjo y El Guajeo, Ali Bello excels and shines. Comfortable with his music as he is with his violin. His violin playing, hot and cool at the same time as it can be witnessed when he’s performing with Eddy Zervigon’s Orquesta Broadway and/or with Grammy winner bandoneonist Raul Jaurena or collaborating scores with flamenco guitarist Pedro Cortés. He has also infused his playing into the popular rhythms of R&B, performing live with The Roots, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z.

Ali Bello a multi -dimensional musician, captivating music loving fans, wherever he performs.

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